Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I've shared with you some pictures of our bird feeders before.   After we got our new wildlife camera last fall, I put the old one on a tree near our birdbath and bird feeders.  Once a week or so, I bring it inside and see what kind of birds have been frequenting the feeders.

A while back, I caught the following series of pictures of the sunrise.  The camera is in our front yard and looks toward the east.  The scenery leaves something to be desired on that side of the house.  But the sunrise is spectacular!

We have a suet feeder and a sunflower seed feeder.

There are a couple of goldfinches on the sunflower feeder above.  Not sure what kind of bird is on the suet feeder.  That is a robin on the birdbath.

Not sure what Tom was doing.  He probably didn't know he was being filmed.  Whatever he had been doing, he was headed back to the house, probably to refill his travel mug that he is holding in his left hand. 

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