Sunday, January 15, 2017

Winter Wonderland

Back before Christmas I wrote about the extremely cold weather we were having.  The low temperatures were in the single digits.....the coldest weather we had seen in several years. 

However, after that we had a spell of warmer weather where we had temperatures in the 60s and 70s.  Welcome to Oklahoma!

I was hoping we were over the worst of the cold weather for this winter until last week when the weather folks on TV started warning of a possible ice storm headed our way.  The temperatures were supposed to hover around the freezing mark and depending on whether they were a couple of degrees above or below would make a great deal of difference.

Fortunately, in our part of the state, we were lucky and the temperatures stayed at about 30 degrees.  This was cold enough for ice to form on elevated structures, but not on the roads.  Thanks to the 70 degree weather we experienced a few days before the ice storm, the ground was way too warm for ice to form.

Today, I took a walk outside and took pictures of the beautiful winter wonderland that has been the result of this ice storm.  It is now above freezing and most of the ice is melting, but here are a few photos to share with you.


Ice on fence

Pine tree

Sand plum bushes

Icicles on shop building

The chickens didn't care.  They were outside looking for a handout.

PeteyPi, however, has chosen to stay inside his shelter where it is dry and cozy.  
Smart bird!