Monday, July 20, 2020

Vegetable Broth

While cooking a meal, I normally have a bunch of veggie "scraps". Examples are carrot peelings, celery leaves, beet stems, parsley stems and onion peels. Of course, you can put the celery leaves in a salad or chop beet stems and saute them. But, I decided to make vegetable broth from these simple ingredients, plus some garlic cloves. It was easy!

I tossed everything into a large pot, filled it with water and set it over low heat to cook for a couple of hours. I also added some roasted green pepper that I froze last year in snack bags (an excellent way to preserve any pepper).

It looked like this when finished.

At this point, I just needed to strain out the vegetable remains.  These went into my compost.  I didn't need the broth right then, so I froze it. These are the tools I used. 

It turned out beautifully and is in the freezer waiting for my next pot of vegetable soup.

You don't have to use the same ingredients I did. Use your imagination. Why buy vegetable broth when you can make it free!