Friday, November 18, 2016

Six Pound Sweet Potato

A while back I wrote about our sweet potato harvest.  We grew them in cattle supplement tubs.

One of the sweet potatoes we harvested was huge.  It weighed six pounds!

I had little hope that it would be edible, thinking  it would be too fibrous and tough to eat.  But we put it in the greenhouse to cure and this week I decided to cut into it and see if it was fit to eat.  

It took a big, sharp knife to cut the monster in two.  But, it was not tough and looked like any normal sweet potato.


So, I cut the smaller section into cubes.

It still looked good and I cut the rest of it up.  There was way too much of it to use at one time.  So, I decided to cook and freeze it.  I could have roasted it, I suppose, but instead I cooked it on top of the stove in a little bit of water.  There was so much of it that I had to cook it in several batches.  

Before freezing it, I made some sweet potato muffins.  These are delicious and have very little sugar in them.

Most of the recipes using sweet potatoes I have found call for one cup of mashed sweet potatoes.  So, I divided the cooked potatoes into one cup portions.  These I sort of smushed into a roll and wrapped in plastic wrap.  I was able to fit two of these rolls into a sandwich bag.  In the end, I had two sandwich bags containing a total of four cups of sweet potatoes.

This is not all of the sweet potatoes, though.  I held out enough to make a sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving.  I've never made a sweet potato pie before, so I'll be looking for a good pie recipe in the next few days.  If anyone has one, let me know!  😃

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