Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Wildlife Pictures

It has finally cooled off and I am loving it!  A hint of autumn is in the air.  It is about time since the first day of fall is next week!  With the cooler weather, Tom decided to start putting out corn for the deer again.  He buys the corn at our local Atwoods store which is a chain that specializes in products for farmers.  They have everything from cow udder ointment to toys for kids.  I love to go there and look around.  But I digress.....

The corn is dried and comes in big bags like dog food.  Hunters buy it and put out for the deer in hopes they can entice them to come to the same place each day in order to shoot them.  Of course, the only "shooting" we'll be doing is picture shooting!

Anyway, so Tom puts the corn out a ways from the house and rigs up our wildlife camera to point toward it.  This summer we used the camera mostly to take pictures of the wildlife that was eating our cat's food at night.  See the "Thief in the Night" post on June 19.

I was not expecting to see much action at the corn feeder for several weeks.  However, the first night the corn was out there we caught the following animals checking out the corn.

I was surprised to see the coyote appears to be eating the corn.  I wonder if that means the drought has taken its toll on the small game animals that are usually its prey.

The deer appear to be a mother and her fawn who was probably born this spring.  And, the crows are cleaning up what the deer and coyote left behind.  I like crows.  They are amazing birds and I could write a whole blog entry on them alone!  

We still have not had much rain to speak of, even with the cooler temperatures, but at least we are not suffering with high temps in the 100s now.  Life is good and I feel rejuvenated.

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