Monday, September 12, 2011

Repurposed Computer Diskette Storage Box

Do you remember those old 5.25 inch floppy disks that computers used to use?  I'm sure a lot of younger folks don't remember them.  After these big floppy diskettes, external computer storage evolved to 3.5 inch diskettes that had hard covers, then to CDs and finally to flash drives that fit in any USB port.  It's pretty amazing how quickly computer technology changes.

But, back to those old floppy disks.  There were plastic storage boxes especially made for them.  The boxes generally had a clear plastic lid (so you could see what was inside).  The lid was hinged at the back and lifted up so you could get at the floppy disks easily.  Eventually, these old floppy disk storage boxes became obsolete as other storage media came along. 

I ended up with several of these boxes and, as usual, hated to throw them away.  So, I looked for other ways to use them.  One of the best ideas I came up with was for recipes.  Here's my recipe box made from an old floppy disk box.

These days I tend to look on the internet for recipes more than I do in my cookbooks.  But, I still keep special recipes on cards and store them in this box. 

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