Saturday, March 29, 2014

Chickens Like Cantaloupe

Our composting activities got a big boost last fall when we started getting produce scraps from a couple of the kitchens at Oklahoma State University.  Here's some information on that:

Occasionally, there are vegetables and fruit that are past their prime and no longer suitable for human consumption.  However, sometime these items are just fine for our chickens.  Today, in the scraps there was a cantaloupe and a couple of heads of lettuce that Tom pulled out to give to the chickens.  Here he is cutting the cantaloupe open.

And, here the chickens are feasting on it.

It looks like this after they have pecked on it a while.

And, after they are finished, there is nothing left except a thin shell.  Here's a picture of the cantaloupe half after they have finished with it compared to the other half of the cantaloupe.

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