Thursday, April 10, 2014

Deer Cages

From my previous posts, you know that we have fed the deer this past winter and that we have wildlife cameras that capture pictures of the deer and other wildlife that comes around.  In fact, my last post dealing with this subject was 3 weeks ago.

There are pros and cons to feeding the deer.  For one thing, we enjoy the pictures from the wildlife camera and also the rare instances when we see them in the daylight.  However, attracting them onto the property invites them to sample other delicacies on the farm in addition to the food we put out for them.  

Last September we planted several small pine trees that we got for free at the county fair.  Here is a small pine tree that we planted last year.  The deer have eaten the tips off of every branch!

Along with the deer damage and the hard winter we've just come through, I'm not sure this small tree is going to come out this spring.  Notice that we have put some wire around it.  This is to keep the deer from nibbling any more of it.  Unfortunately, we didn't take this precaution until it was too late.  Sort of like closing the barn door after the horses are out!

I wondered what the deer would think of this new development in their environment and focused the camera on the cages to see their reactions.  As you can see below, it did not escape their attention.

Other animals enjoy the deer corn.  Among them are the neighborhood crows, but they don't eat the trees!

Oh, and I wonder who this old guy is?  He must be the one who puts out food for the deer.

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