Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Saving Old Socks

Before I throw anything into the trash, I ask myself if there is some other use for it.  If you were around in the early days of the personal computer, you probably remember those large floppy diskettes.  This was long before the days of flash drives and SD cards.  In those days, we had plastic boxes with hinged tops where we stored our "floppies".   When the current generation of PCs made these old floppy diskettes obsolete, I ended up using one of the storage boxes as a recipe box:

Recently, while doing the laundry, I decided to "retire" some of Tom's old socks that were about worn out.

I did't throw these away, though.  Instead, I used some scissors to cut them up and make cleaning rags.

First, cut off the toe.

Next, cut along the folded part of the sock, all the way up the back.

You end up with a nice size cleaning rag that is soft and absorbent.  They can be washed and reused if the cleaning job is light.  However, for messy jobs, such as refinishing furniture, you just use them and throw them away.  Easy cleanup!

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